Business Background/Overview

VSL’s experience in post-tensioning and related engineering goes back more than 50 years. VSL operates through 50 locations as a world-wide network, including two production facilities in Spain and China. With 3,700 employees, including 850 engineers and technicians, the group provides technical consultancy and support for the full range of works from project planning (development of preliminary designs, alternative design proposals) to complete final designs, construction engineering and on-site activities. Group turnover was 380 million Euros in 2010.

With the strength, reliability, experience, and resources of a world-wide network, VSL is committed to offer the best solution using innovative construction techniques, designed to increase site safety, save time, improve durability, and reduce costs. These are developed & updated by expert R&D & technical teams. In 2010, the VSL budget for R&D projects amounts to 3.5 million euros and VSL owns more than 30 patents.

Area(s) of Specialty/Expertise

Post Tensioning Systems
- Your partner for design, constructions & solutions

VSL technology is based on the principle of post-tensioning where the prestress is permanently introduced into the structure after the concrete has hardened. This is achieved by the stressing of suitably arranged, high-strength prestressing tendons. 

VSL post-tensioning generates favourable stress conditions in the structure, enabling efficient use of building materials while controlling deformations under service conditions. 

Complying with national and international standards, they are approved in every country where the use of post-tensioning requires official certification.

Products & Services

VSL Slab on Grade System – Economic to construct and maintain

Fast track construction
PT slabs can be constructed much faster than conventional reinforced slabs. This is because PT slabs are generally 30 to 40 % thinner than conventional reinforced concrete slabs, hence less subgrade excavation and concreting works required. The large area pours that can be achieved with PT slabs result in more efficient use of labour and equipment. The larger pours also reduced time needed to set up joint construction.  Large pours of more than 2,500m2 are a common feature of PT slabs on grade.

Control of cracks
PT slabs reduce the risk of cracking more effectively because of the compressive forces that are applied by the PT cables.

Reduced Maintenance
The use of fewer joints significantly reduces the need for maintenance and consequentially operational downtime of the facility.

Up to 30,000m2 without joints
Large concrete areas can have their joint spacing, increase to minimise the costs of the joints as well as the long-term maintenance and operation costs.

Adaptable & Versatile
Providing customers with the optimum efficient structure is at the heart of the VSL Slab on grade Solution. The system uses an optimum combination of post-tensioning, slab thickens and concrete tensile strength to provide a cost-effective performance solution.

Excellence in Design
VSL is a  pioneer in the design and construction of Post Tensioned Slab on Grade. Our approach is to provide a solution tailored to the particular needs of each project. The VSL Slab on Grade System provides a high quality solution for concrete slabs that are placed directly on the ground and offers great value for money.


  • Distribution Centres /Warehouse
  • Intermodal Terminals
  • Rail Sidings
  • Airport – Parks & Hanger
  • Truck Parks
  • Container Storage Pavements
  • Workshops & Manufacturing Plants
  • Freezers & Cool rooms
  • Base for Concrete Tanks

The unique ability to package innovation, buildability, reliability, safety, quality, design, products and services together with specialist operators and plant makes VSL your ideal partner from concept, through construction and for the full lifecycle of your project. To achieve this objective, VSL has put in place a rigorous QSE (Quality, Safety, and Environment) policy at the forefront of industry.  As a recognized technical leader in the industry, VSL works continuously, to refine, improve, and expand the scope of its systems and services for the betterment of the engineering world.