Somero Enterprises, Inc.





Business Background/Overview

The Somero Laser Screed® concrete screeding machine was developed in the mid 1980s based on patented technology to provide a highly accurate, mechanical method of screeding concrete for slab-on-grade floors. The introduction of the Somero Laser Screed machine coincided with increased demands for flatter and more level industrial/warehouse floors. Some additional benefits of using Somero Laser Screed equipment quickly became apparent to contractors and building owners; such as substantial labor savings, fast-track production through wide placement methods, and stronger, higher quality floors.

Somero successfully launched new products including the 3-D Profiler System®, the CopperHead®, STS-132 Topping Spreader and SP-80 Concrete Placer. Somero continued developing the Laser Screed product line and introduced the CopperHead® 2.0 and the SXP® a completely new large line platform. The SXP® Laser Screed machine introduces Somero customers to atttachments never before seen inour industry.

In 2005 Somero moved into a new market segment with SiteShape™ a machine-controlling software package for fine subgrade machines like motor graders and bulldozers. This exciting new market provides Somero access to a diversified type of potential customers working with fine materials, concrete and asphalt.

In August 2005, Somero introduced the all new PowerRake® and CopperHead® XD 3.0. These products continue a long line of productivity enhancing tools that are simple to use.

In August 2006, Somero introduced the HoseHog™ to simplify the work of moving flexible concrete hose on job sites.

Manufacturing facilities are located in Michigan and Executive offices are in Fort Myers, Florida. Our products are marketed in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America and Asia through direct sales force, sales representatives and dealers.



Products & Service

Somero Enterprises manufacture’s, sells and services a variety of Laser Screeds used in the construction of horizontal concrete construction. Products include – SXP-D Laser levelling equipment, SXP Laser levelling equipment, CopperHead XD3.0, Mini-Screed™ C, Mini-Rake, SMP, Site-Shape, 3-D Profiler System®


Our Mission

Somero manufactures laser-guided and technologically innovative machinery used in horizontal concrete placement, to advance the productivity, concrete flatness and efficiency of the jobsite. Somero promotes customer training, technical support and continuous innovation for all its products.  

Our Vision

Somero's vision is for our innovative, cutting edge technology and processes to be in use wherever a redi-mix truck is discharging concrete for a concrete slab.  Somero technology and equipment will enable every installation to be completed faster, flatter and with fewer people.  We will continually pass on Somero knowledge and expertise to all our global customers.