The founder/convenor and President Elect of the CFA is Ian Burnett who is located in Australia and regularly traveling in Asia. His contacts are phone number +61412056668 and email at iburnett@anconbeton.com.



A series of seminars will be held around Asia in the next few years.  The CFA objective is to see floors built in Asia that are :

  • Fit the Purpose

  • Built efficiently and economical

  • Build quickly faster than program

  • Have minimal and preferably no defects and of course no grinding!





  To be the resource that industry turns to for information and education of world’s best practice concrete floors in Asia




This is for an alliance of experienced industry professionals that provides a forum for the education, information and training of world’s best practices of concrete floors.




  • One stop center for advisor, education and referral.

  • To promote world’s best practice in the construction of quality concrete floors through education and training to provide consistency in specification and construction.


Corporate Governance Policy


The Directors strongly believe in ethical business practices, sound corporate governance and social responsibility, which are firmly embedded in CFA corporate culture. This is achieved by integrating the CFA’s vision, duties, strategies and goals to inspire confidence to supporters and its customers, so the Company will continue to prosper with its contributions to the development and support of construction education and the workplace environment.

The Good Corporate Governance policies are:

  • Founding supporters rights and equitable treatment of all supporters 
  • Information disclosure and transparency requirements
  • Business ethics
  • Ongoing review of Corporate Governance Policies


The Directors have a policy of ensuring all supporters do abide good corporate governance principles at work, and instill this policy as a part of CFA’s corporate culture.